The End of Time

The year is ending.

Yes, 2016 may as well be a hindrance of the past as the dawning of 2017 is basically knocking on the door. And according to the media deluge we receive 24/7 on our pocket screens;  politics, climate and all the other world ending things are exploding and accumulating into a massive black hole in the centre of our little planet. So, if you sit on one side of the fence regarding political circumstance, action is probably a-right-now kind of ideal*.

Alas, as long as you continue to update the world on your #instaface we will at least all know that you have survived the reckoning… but, in reality the world isn’t going to end just yet, even if old mate Donald is leading the blind.

Amongst the chaos, climbing is still there and a frustratingly average (read: shit) couple of months of weather has been plaguing much movement or action in the Gariwerd National Park. Floods, road closures and general condition winging has been the main stay of climbing trip potential, alas, a trip to Nowra ensued so we got a fix of vertical walking in Sendtember and Roctober.

*after much thought and research, I have given the old right hook to red meat, to shrink my carbon footprint on this planet.

Here is a collection of the past month/s happenings.



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