One blink and it’s gone

To say I have been infrequent with output on this blog would be haphazard as the last 5 months have been as dire as the slopes of Mt Doom (2016, still pumping out the LoTR references). I often strategize to be more frequent in my posting, but I always am helplessly unmotivated when I find time to do it, which is barely ever.

Alas, here I am, sharing words that will most likely go unread, but a grand cleansing it is for riding the guilt (or lack thereof) in sharing the happenings in ‘the day of the life’ over the last 5 months. Basically… flippen heck, it’s August.

As I wrote previously, I had goals to achieve this year. I nearly cleaned up all those goals in a 2 week period recently, but managed to punt off the last hard move on each of these climbs/goals (speaking climbing goals here folks, c’mon, stick with it!). I then decided my lackadaisical approach to training was not really going to cut it; a pull up here, a push up there. It was time to take this a bit more seriously.

I started a personalized training program via Duncan Brown (also known as athlete by choice) which has been detrimental to my relaxation. It is all guns blazing, and I love it. After 3 weeks, I am feeling the benefit. In other words, training remedies your climbing flat line. Who would have known? I have since managed to tick one of these goals off. 5 to go.

Over the last few months, I have also become addicted to trail running. Where did that come from? I am not sure, as I sure as heck didn’t see it coming. In fact I will be running my 2nd half marathon race this coming weekend on the 7th of August, which is also my birthday. May as well suffer with the added age hey?

Below, is a collection of pictures that I have taken over the last few months. I am still feeding through the feast of full memory cards from this period so these are all unconnected or related to each other. Enjoy


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