The Silver Screen

Queens Birthday weekend, what a wet mockery that turned out to be.

The aim was to head out with Peter ‘Beard Lord’ Bovino and climb the majestic uber classic slabe, Twentieth Century Fox in the Vic Range. We left Dunkeld early on the Saturday morning with sun showering us with rays of golden glee… only to be greeted by drizzle and mist roaring through the Vic Range. We hiked up to Mt Fox nonetheless, to see if the wind was drying up the rock; turns out wind won’t stop a waterfall.

After much misery and grumping, we decided to push on to Black Ian’s Rocks in the Black Range, where we camped for a couple of nights and got a great sunny days climbing in, a very underrated trad crag. The highlight there being face to face with a beady eye died reptile in the crux of Objection Sustained, I nearly poo’d my pants.

On the Monday we thought of giving Mt Fox another go. So we left a sunny Black Ian’s gambling the day for 20th Century Fox. Gamble failed.

A stunning sunset over the Wimmera at Black Ian’s.

Peter isn’t a fan of wet slabs. 

Unfortunately for Peter he was off to Taswegia for 2 weeks after that weekend, meaning he was missing a stella window of sunny weather on the weekend of June 14. Something Dick noticed. So Dick and I organised to head of for a day on the Saturday and try again for Twentieth Century Fox. Once again, we left a stunningly sunny Dunkeld, though the weather held the whole way/day.

A tshirt day in the middle of winter? And where the heck was everyone? So peaceful, it felt we had the Vic Range to ourselves!

Needless to say, we scored a perfect day, to climb a perfect route.


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