Cut Clean.

The last proper autumn hues have died through a stunner of a sunny weekend, and we now dive deep into an icy winter. The past weekend was an eye opener on many levels; through climbing and other issues. The Geelong crew and I set about to what was a glorious day out at Clean Cut Walls, ticking off the great moderates, and trying harder things. Then in an instant Andrew had a hold break and got his behind smashed onto the block behind him, sending him in to a pretty nasty state. Thankfully, it wasn’t spinal, though it involved an minor epic to get him out.

Sunday involved getting halfway up a pitch at Dreamtime before ranges appeared from no where and told us to get out, there’s a planned burned (unbeknownst to us!)

Andreas on Trouble Cut (23)
Andrew Trouble Cut (23)
Andrew Trouble Cut (23)
Myself, on the first ascent of Thank God For The French (16).

Andrew on Gerbils Route (23), the moment before the epic began.
The Frenchie, working his way up Archimedes Principal (25)
Goshen on The Man Who Sold The World (25)

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