through the looking glass

Here is a bunch of my favourite climbing related pictures that have been taken over the last 6 months, not necessarily my best, though just ones I enjoy due the story that is attached to each moment. Living in Dunkeld has given me the unique experience to really explore the Grampians like never before, it’s fantastic meeting new people and climbing at new crags every weekend.

Dick Lodge on the send of Super Mario Bros Direct (27)
Goshen Watts on the first ascent of Boulderdash (24) at the Tower.
Troy McKenzie getting one last line in before sunset. Prince of Persia (21) at the Tower.
Sophie Findlay seconding the Bundaleer mega classic, Scarab (11). Her first multi pitch.
Louis Godsell on the a mid summer ascent of Twentieth Century Fox (20) at Mt Fox.
A watchful Mt Sturgeon on a frost winter morning.
Myself, on Burning Spear, Blunt Instrument (22) at The Moai, an amazing sea stack on The Tasman Peninsula.
Troy cooks under a wispy evening sky
Freycinet mist.
Jenna and Karina, Freycinet.
Troy, Hillwood.
Myself, Devonport bouldering.
A storm of Marion Bay, Tasmania.
Louis, Pocket Full of Dream (23), Muline.
Jenna, Begugung (17), Gilhams.

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